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10 Local Restaurants in Southeast Calgary You Need to Try This Year

The new year is finally here, and with it comes the usual round of goal setting and making resolutions for the coming months. If you have trouble sticking to your resolutions, we have a great one for you– try visiting more local restaurants in 2022! You don’t have to drive all the way downtown to find amazing restaurants in Calgary. We have a lot of great options here in the suburbs, all within a 15 minute drive from Wolf Willow.

Our 10 favourite southeast Calgary restaurants

Humans are creatures of habit, and we like to stick with what we know. But if you’ve been looking to shake up your next meal, look no further than these local joints in southeast Calgary. Each restaurant offers dine in, take-out, or curbside pick-up. In no particular order, here are our top 10 suggestions to satisfy your next craving.

Pho Hoàn Pasteur

This Vietnamese noodle house is the perfect place to go if you’re craving a comforting bowl of pho, vermicelli bowls, or rice plates. Or sate your bubble tea craving with one of their many flavours. This restaurant is no stranger to the southeast, with one restaurant on 17th ave and a second one that recently opened in Township at the end of 2021.

Pho Hoan Pasteur – 8 min drive

shrimp salad rolls on a plate with two chili dipping sauces

Sweet Rhapsody Bakery Cafe and Patisserie

According to their Facebook page, Sweet Rhapsody’s mission is “to share the unique experience of Slavonian hospitality, where centuries of love and tradition are poured into every cake, tore, and dessert.”

This homestyle patisserie and delicatessan cafe serves up a myraid of delicious pastries, desserts, custom cakes, krempites, burek, fresh breads, and more. You can satisfy your sweet tooth close to home too – Sweet Rhapsody is located in Legacy, and it’s in the same complex as our next restaurant.

Sweet Rhapsody Bakery Cafe and Patisserie – 7 min drive

opera cake with chocolate and coffee bean decorations on a plate

Deagla Restaurant Legacy

This family-owned restaurant serves delicious, homemade Middle Eastern dishes, using the finest ingredients and authentic recipes. Whether you’re craving a shawarma wrap, tabouli salad, donairs, or vegetarian falafel, this eatery promises to pack the flavour in every bite. They have two locations in the city, including one close by in Legacy Township.

Deagla Restaurant Legacy – 7 min drive

shawarma wrap with lots of fixings

Pauls Pizza

Not to be confused as just a pizzeria, Pauls Pizza Steakhouse & Lounge offers an extremely diverse menu with affordable prices. Whether you’re in the mood for breakfast, burgers, steak, pasta, or their award winning pizza, Pauls Pizza will have something for even the pickiest of eaters.

Pauls Pizza has 3 locations, including the original location in Aidrie which was voted Business of the Year in 2020.

Pauls Pizza – 11 minute drive

deep dish pizza in a cast iron pan with lots of vegetable toppings

Fiesta Market & Restaurant

If you’re craving delicious and authentic Mexican food, check out Fiesta Market and Restaurant! Each day you can experience a new dish with their daily plate of the day specials. Or create your own meal by choosing your shell style and “guisado”. And did we mention the amazing desserts, appetizers, and drinks you can order as well? If you’ll excuse us, the tres leches cake and margaritas are calling our names.

Fiesta Market & Restaurant – 10 minute drive

spread of mexican food including tacos, nachos, tortilla soup, and a margarita

Raj Palace

If you’re looking to take a “gastronomical journey throughout India,” Raj Palace is the place to be! With 4 locations in Calgary, this modern Indian restaurant serves up authentic south Indian flavours in every bite. This restaurant is dedicated to changing the perception of Indian cuisine.

With a wide variety of cuisine from across the south India states, each dish is handpicked for its cultural heritage and authenticity, as well as resonance of flavour from the dish. Their spices are sourced from India and are hand ground, ensuring maximum flavour.

Raj Palace – 11 minute drive

traditional Indian rice dish with nan bread on the side


If you’re looking for fun diner vibes, try out iyycburg, a local burger joint! Touted as “no fuss” burgers, they have something for everyone no matter your dietary needs – including halal, vegan, and gluten free options. And of course, you can’t miss out on their classic milkshakes or bubble tea to go with your burger. They also have a limited time menu that changes monthly, so be sure to check out the special flavour of burger and milkshake each month!

Proudly Calgarian, iyycburg’s business model is built around using local as much as possible, so all their meat and dairy comes from local suppliers. They use 100% Alberta beef and promise their patties are always fresh, never frozen.

iyycburg – 10 minute drive

double bacon cheeseburger with fries alongside strawberry and chocolate milkshakes

Mighty Mango

In the mood for Chinese? Consider Mighty Mango! This Chinese restaurant offers a vast menu of delightful Peking cuisine. Whether you prefer spicy or mild, vegetarian or meat, there isn’t a wrong choice on the menu. Mighty Mango offers delivery, take-out, and reservation for those opting to dine-in at their friendly and family-oriented restaurant.

Mighty Mango – 11 minute drive

plate of orange chicken with red and green peppers and sesame seeds

The British Chippy

This family run fish and chip shop is something of a legend in Calgary. If you know anyone who lives here who is originally from the UK, they’ve probably mentioned it as one of their favourite places to get traditional British fish and chips with mushy peas in the city.

If you’re interested in the story behind the shop, The British Chippy has quite a history, as it is currently run by third generation fish fryers. The first shop opened in England in 1915, and when the family moved to Canada, they opened up shop here. How many restaurants can say they use their grandmother’s batter recipe and technique to create the perfect fish and chips? In this case, at least two – they have one location in Calgary and a second in Okotoks!

The British Chippy – 14 minute drive

fish and chips with tartar sauce in a red basket with red and white checkered paper

Fuji ramen and sushi

If you’re looking for an authentic Japanese eatery, look no further than Fuji Ramen and Sushi. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better place to satisfy your ramen cravings near Wolf Willow, as they were crowned Winner of “Best in the Burbs SE” and took second place for Best Japanese by Avenue Best in 2021.

Fuji Ramen and Sushi offers a wide menu consisting of ramen, sushi, bento boxes, and even fried ice cream for dessert! The beautiful atmosphere alone will make you want to dine in, with its bold red and black colour palette and beautiful hand painted murals created by local artists.

Fuji Ramen and Sushi – 14 min drive

plated roll of sushi with salmon and cream cheese

As you can see, there are so many amazing local restaurants to choose near Wolf Willow! Don’t forget to check out our favourite local pubs and even more amazing restaurants here in southeast Calgary.