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Learn from an Expert: Keep Your Dog Healthy and Active in South Calgary

When you make a purchase at Bone and Biscuit, you’ll notice three photos of happy dogs on the countertop. They’re Hugo, a Shepard mix, Sadie, a Husky mix, and Lily, a Pitbull mix. These dogs belong to Chevonne, the owner of the store. “I would love to bring the dogs into work with me during the day, but they don’t react well when other dogs approach them. With so many different animals stopping by, I couldn’t guarantee a good environment for them.” All three are rescues with their own stories. “That’s the key: you have to know your dog. You have to know their triggers.”

chevonne bone & biscuit legacy
Chevonne, owner of Bone and Biscuit Legacy

Chevonne has lots of wisdom to share when it comes to dogs, especially those with unique needs. She’s extremely passionate about rescue animals, and animal health in particular. That’s why she left her oil and gas job to open a Bone & Biscuit location.

Why Bone & Biscuit?

“I can stock different products with Bone & Biscuit than I could with another pet store. Almost everything in the store is made in Canada, and they’re all products I really believe in.” Chevonne is particularly proud of her food and supplement selection. She believes that the right formula of good food – ideally raw food – and supplements can give your pet a longer, fuller life with less pain and less illness. 

“Almost everything in the store is made in Canada, and they’re all products I really believe in.”

With a unique selection of nutritional products, including treats made from kangaroo and shark, there’s something for every dog no matter what dietary restrictions or allergies they may have. And as Chevonne will tell you, anything can be an opportunity for your pet to be healthier. A shiny and energetic golden retriever received a new chew toy, plus nutrient-dense treats made from cod to substitute for the peanut butter that you often find inside dogs’ toys. With her new treats, this pup will get an extra healthy boost during playtime—without aggravating her food sensitivities.

Why South Calgary?

Legacy was an obvious choice for Chevonne, who lives in nearby Cranston. It’s close to home, and the surge in development around southeast Calgary is instantly appealing to any new business owner.

These aren’t the only appealing traits though—one of the main attractions of this part of SE Calgary for both Chevonne and her customers is the upcoming dog park in Wolf Willow. With 9 acres of off-leash space, the park will be one of the biggest off-leash dog parks in Calgary. Plus, it will be near the extensive Bow River walking paths and running trails, so that the whole family can get some exercise and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. These outdoor spaces have huge appeal to people like Chevonne who care so deeply for their dogs’ health. It has also contributed to the strong community of pet-lovers in the area. Bone & Biscuit already has a growing group of friends and supporters from the surrounding neighbourhoods, both in-person and online. The Bone & Biscuit Legacy Facebook and Instagram pages have hundreds of followers, and customers greet Chevonne by name when they come in with their pets.

When the dog park opens, Chevonne is ready with a self-serve dog washing station in her store. With clean white tiles and a calming atmosphere, it looks almost like a spa. Your pup can finish their trip to the park with a refreshing wash, and you won’t have to worry about mud or dust getting into your house.

What advice does Chevonne have for pet owners?

One of Chevonne’s favourite pieces of advice is: “If you think buying healthy pet products is expensive, try having a sick pet.”

To illustrate what a difference a lifetime of good food and exercise can make, ask Chevonne about the difference between the dogs she’s had since they were young – Hugo and Sadie – and her Pitbull mix Lily who didn’t join the family until she was older.

Exercise and movement are just as important as diet to your dog’s overall health.

“There’s a world of difference between them, even though they’re all senior dogs now. You would never guess that Hugo and Sadie are any more than two years old. With Lily you can tell she has some lingering stiffness from those first six years or so where she was chained up and didn’t get the nutritious food or movement she needed. It has done permanent damage to her health and cost much more than keeping our other dogs healthy.”

It’s not just quality food that makes a difference. Another excellent piece of advice from Chevonne is, “walks every day, no matter how cold it is outside or how small your dog is.” Exercise and movement are just as important as diet to your dog’s overall health.

Chevonne credits physiotherapy and customized exercise routines with her dogs’ lack of joint trouble. For those days when you can’t get outside with your dog, there are alternatives that can help ensure the day isn’t a complete write-off. Bone & Biscuit Legacy has started stocking dog puzzles that can engage their mind and their motor skills without leaving the house.

These are all reasons why Chevonne will tell you that preventative care is the best investment you can make. Not only will your pets be happier and healthier, you’ll save money in future medical interventions. Thanks to her knowledge and patience in finding the right balance of raw food, supplements, and exercise, none of Chevonne’s dogs require any medication—despite their age.

Why Bone & Biscuit Legacy is worth a visit

Whether you live nearby or not, if you’re a pet owner, both you and your pet will be grateful for a visit to Bone & Biscuit Legacy. No matter what health problems your pet has encountered, Chevonne can provide helpful advice and recommendations. Even if your pet is already healthy, Chevonne can help you identify ways to increase their quality of life now and in the future.

If you’re not a pet owner but would like to be, you might just meet your future pup at one of Chevonne’s rescue adoption events. She works with smaller rescue groups local to Calgary such as  Pitty Party and Wag-A-Muffin’s Animal Rescue, hosting fundraising events in addition to adoption opportunities.

Whether you have pets or not, there are lots of family things to do in south Calgary. The upcoming 9-acre off-leash dog park, 10 other parks, riverside walking paths, and fishing and boating areas ensure that there’s something for everyone—no matter what your family looks like.