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Why You Should Consider a Flex Room

If everyone in your family has somewhere to sleep, you might not have given much thought to adding an extra room to your next home in Calgary. But don’t dismiss the idea just yet—a flex room could give you just the customizable space your family needs to really fall in love with your new home. Many Wolf Willow home builders have options for adding a flex room perfect for your unique family. Here are six ways a flex room can help you live your best life.

1. Main Floor Bedroom

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This is the most obvious use for an extra bedroom—use it as a bedroom. For those families who have a lot of visitors, having a dedicated guest room can be a lifesaver. When family members are visiting from across town or across the world, you’ll be able to give them their own space and be able to enjoy breakfast together without needing to commute between home and their hotel. This is especially helpful for elderly family members who may struggle to navigate between levels of a home, and can help make the transition to a multigenerational home easier for everyone.

Even if you’re just inviting someone over for dinner, having a spare room takes the pressure out of the perpetually difficult decision between enjoying a few drinks with the meal and needing to drive home after. No paying for expensive taxis, no need to retrieve the car the next day. Your guests will be safe and comfortable, and you will win the title of best host in your friend group.

The spare bedroom also becomes the star of your kids’ sleepovers too.

The more actual bed space there is, the less likely you’ll be woken up by an uncomfortable kid trying (and failing) to get through the night on the floor or couch. This also works great for older kids who want to stay up late together and still have their own place to sleep.

2. Fitness Room

Lots of people choose Wolf Willow homes due to the proximity of running trails and outdoor fitness opportunities, but in the dead of a cold Calgary winter, even the toughest athletes rely on some kind of indoor routine. Getting to the gym can be a challenge though, even if you can’t wait for your workout. The process of carving out time in your schedule, packing a bag, commuting to the gym, showering in the communal shower, and being ready for the rest of your day afterwards can be difficult to manage.

Give yourself the gift of dropping some of those steps and removing those barriers between you and your ideal fitness routine. With a home gym, you can throw on your comfy clothes and squeeze in a quick workout easier than ever before. Whether it’s as simple as a treadmill in an empty room, or as personalized as your dream yoga and meditation retreat, an extra room gives you the chance to design your personalized fitness routine from the ground up.

3. Hobby Room

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It can sometimes feel like your hobbies don’t get as much attention as they should. For something that makes you feel so good, your interests deserve more than a single drawer, or the endless cycle of shuffling supplies from table to counter to cupboard and back again. Whatever your hobby is, it’s likely you’ve encountered the frustration of not truly having enough space to do it.

If you’re a painter, a hobby room will give you the space you need to finally set up a permanent easel and organize your paints and brushes. If you’re into scrapbooking, treat yourself to that huge table you’ve always dreamed of, and spread out your photos and labels and stickers. Your home is a place where you can finally put yourself and your interests first. Your home design should reflect that.

4. Man Cave

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If your family doesn’t share your enthusiasm for the big game, call your friends and host a viewing in your own man cave. Set up a permanent snack table. Get one of those couches with cup holders. Buy the biggest TV you can find. Make your home the best bar in Calgary. And when the game is over, your man cave serves double duty as a quiet, private place you escape to when you need a moment to yourself.

5. Office

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You don’t have to work from home permanently to get a lot of value out of a home office.

For any activity that requires focus or quiet, your office provides a perfect oasis. Whether it’s your side hustle, a personal research project, or you just want to relax and enjoy a book you’ve been meaning to read, your home office is the perfect place to get comfortable for some productive personal time—without the temptation of the TV. Even when you’re not working, an office is a great place to store all those documents you know you have to hold on to, but don’t know where to keep them. That way, when tax season rolls around, you’ll know exactly where to turn.

6. Play Room

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For the long-term planners, you can enjoy the perks of any of the previous options for your extra room with the added knowledge that should you choose to have a child, there’s an extra room already waiting for them. If you choose to have your flex room on the main floor, as many Wolf Willow builders offer, you can enjoy the added benefit of being able to hear or see your little ones while completing other household chores, like cooking supper.

There are so many factors to consider when you’re thinking about adding a new member of your family, and if you already have the space for your bundle of joy to grow up in, you can take the huge project of moving to a bigger house out of the already complex calculation. With so many nearby parks and natural spaces, and a convenient commute into the city for work, Wolf Willow homes can be an excellent solution if you’re in the period of life where you’re transitioning from young professional couple to settling down and having a family.

Improve your Life Functionality

All of these options are more than just an opportunity to improve your life functionality—they’re a chance for the interior design of your home to really reflect your personality and values. What better way to make sure your home feels truly like yours than to dedicate a little extra space to something you love?