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How to Transform Your Flex Room into a Relaxing Retreat

When you think about the long winter months here in Calgary, adding a flex room or “bonus room” to your home could be just the thing you need. These flexible spaces can evolve into a multitude of rooms over time depending on your lifestyle. You can even transform it into a relaxing retreat that you will truly love. Here are six ideas to get you started on the road to relaxation in Wolf Willow.

1. Music room

Whether you’re a seasoned musician or you’ve taken up playing an instrument as a pandemic hobby, a music room is a great addition to any home. Here, you can practice in peace (for both yourself and the other members of your household), whether you play piano, guitar, violin, drums, etc. A music room gives you a dedicated space to hang or display your instruments, as well as keeping all your accessories and sheet music organized. You’ll never have to search for a guitar pick again! If sitting back and listening to music is more up your alley, you could create a comfy space to relax while listening to all your favourite tunes. Display your favourite album art on the walls and allow your stereo or turntable and speakers to be the centrepiece in the room.

white upright piano and two guitars in a music room

2. Personal library

If you love to read, consider turning your old home office into a beautiful personal library. Proudly display your collection of books with wall-to-wall shelving units, floating bookshelves for a modern look, or build your own DIY built-in bookshelves for that classic study feel. Creating a comfortable space is essential to enjoying a good book, so invest in furniture that’s perfect for lounging. Whether your décor style is overstuffed armchairs, an elegant chaise lounge, or a window bench filled with pillows and natural light, the book lovers in your house will love this relaxing retreat.

personal home library in a flex room

3. Hangout room/secondary living room

If you have older kids/teens, live with roommates, or host lots of guests, creating a secondary living room or “hangout room” is a great option to consider for your flex space. For your teens, they’ll love having a private space to hang out with their friends away from their younger siblings. If you live with roommates, a secondary living room will give you and your housemates more space and privacy to relax in than just your bedroom. Or if you host a lot of guests, you can use the main living room for formal gatherings, while the secondary living room can be used for family time.

trico oxford flex room styled as a secondary living room
Trico Oxford Flex Room

4. Games room

If you love playing games with your friends and family, consider using your bonus room as an entertainment space. If you want to keep video game consoles and game cases out of the main living room, hook up a TV, grab some comfy chairs, and place coloured LED light strips around the flex room for the ultimate gamer hangout. If board games are more your style, have a table and chairs permanently set up in the room so you can jump into a game of Catan or put together a puzzle at a moment’s notice! Or bring the atmosphere of a sports bar to your home with an air hockey or pool table, dartboard, and a TV. Complete the room with a mini fridge filled with drinks and snacks for you and your guests.

kids playing a board game on the floor

5. Babe cave

Like a man cave, a babe cave can be turned into a unique space where you can enjoy some quality ‘me’ time. Want to create a massive walk-in closet with custom built cabinets for all your clothes and accessories? Why not! Set up a vanity where you can take the time to pamper yourself as you get ready to go out without being interrupted. Or maybe you and your friends share a passion for wine or a well-made cocktail. Turn your babe cave into a lounge with a minibar and interesting furniture pieces to enjoy happy hour anytime.

mini wet bar in the jayman flex room
Jayman Cruz 20 Flex Room

6. Home theatre room

If you love kicking back and binge watching TV shows or movies, a theatre room might be perfect for you. Add in a sectional for family movie nights, or a couple of cozy recliners with cup holders to hold your drinks and snacks. Whether you’re using a TV or setting up a projector for that at-home theatre feel, you’ll create a space the whole family will love using.

flex room in jayman homes
Jayman Karma Flex Room

Love your home in Wolf Willow

Because we’ve all spent a lot of time in our homes over the past year and a half, it’s truly important to create a space where you can feel relaxed and recharge. Since many builders in Wolf Willow offer flex rooms in their homes, there are plenty of opportunities to make your home uniquely you, right here in south Calgary. With the cooler months approaching, now is the perfect time to make your home a cozy retreat. The question is – what will you do with your flex room?