Two people and a dog walking in Wolf Willow during summer.

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How to Meet Members of Your New Wolf Willow Community

Moving to a new neighbourhood can be an exciting adventure! It can also be a little scary if you don’t know anyone in the area. One of the easiest ways to meet people is to join a club. Since Wolf Willow is a new community, there are a lot of opportunities to create your own clubs to meet people with similar interests.

For the fitness enthusiasts

Joining a fitness club is a wonderful way to get your heart pumping while meeting other fitness enthusiasts, neighbours who want to stay active, or those looking to lose their COVID-15lb. The fun thing about fitness is there are so many ways to get your body moving. By participating as a group, you can help keep each other accountable and reach your fitness goals together.

Yoga club

Find some outdoor green space (or a cozy basement for those upcoming winter months!), roll out your yoga mat, and get your zen on as you practice your poses together. There are plenty of great resources online if you’re looking for a teacher at home, like Yoga with Adriene on YouTube, or streaming classes from an app like Peloton. Or you can hire a local instructor to lead your group, either virtual or in person. If your club would rather attend a class at a studio, Savoria Natural Wellness in the nearby community Walden offers several courses for all levels.

A group of five people doing yoga outside in a grassy area.

Running club

With a convenient entrance to Fish Creek Park, several walking paths are at your doorstep when you live in Wolf Willow. Whether your crew prefers an early start to your day, an afternoon run in the sun, or an evening jog to destress from the day, a running club is a great way to get your steps in.

Biking club

Do you like going for a leisurely ride along the Bow or commuting to work every day on a bike? Consider creating or joining a club for fellow biking enthusiasts, like the Calgary Cycling Club. You’ll meet fellow cycling lovers that share your passion for this activity that is good for both your mind and body.

For the conversationalists

It’s safe to say the pandemic has influenced our social calendars these past few years. If you’ve been craving more socialization into your life, consider creating or joining clubs that encourage healthy discussion and adult conversations.

Book club

Whether you’re reading the latest New York Times bestseller or sharing an old favourite, book clubs are a great way to engage with others. Book clubs can be virtual or in person, depending on your personal preference. The Calgary Public Library also hosts a free monthly program where book lovers can discover new or classic titles through facilitated discussions. The Fish Creek branch is the closest to Wolf Willow – all you need is a library card to sign up!

Four people smiling over coffee and laptops at a table.

Cooking club

If you love trying new recipes or want to share your latest culinary confections with others, a cooking club might be right for you! Being part of a cooking club is a great way to share tips and tricks, learn about different cuisines, and share specialty equipment amongst a group. Add a twist to your cooking club with monthly international dinner parties – each member must bring one type of dish based on the culinary theme of the month.

Playdates & dog walks

Wolf Willow is a safe and beautiful community for new parents and young families. While not necessarily a club, playdates are a great way to fit some adult conversation into your day. Get to know other parents (both human and fur) in your area by heading to the playgrounds or walking around the neighbourhood. As the community grows, there will be eight nature-themed playgrounds for your kids to play at. The themes are Osprey (opening soon!), Fish, Wolf, Flower, Deer, Insect, Bison, and Ranch. There will also be one off-leash dog park in the community. Until then, hit up the nearby trails with other fur parents for some socialization for both you and your pups!

A map of Wolf Willow with future parks indicated by orange circles.

Community involvement

One of the biggest benefits of getting to know your neighbours is that it helps keep your community a safe and wholesome place to live. By making friends in your community, you’ll know someone is there to keep an eye on your plants, pets, and belongings if you head out of town for the week. There are always plenty of opportunities to make your community a better place for everyone.

Litter clean-up

Nestled next to Fish Creek Park, you can expect Wolf Willow to be filled with fellow nature lovers. You can help keep your community clean by putting together a group of volunteers to pick up litter and trash along the roads or nature trails. If you want to branch a little further out than Wolf Willow, Calgary’s annual Pathway and River Cleanup event is happening September 17-19th this summer. Or you can pick up your own TLC Kit from the city to ensure your group stays safe and has a successful outing.

Community Association

As Wolf Willow grows, consider creating a community association. Community associations make significant contributions to the overall well-being and quality of life of your neighbourhood, through the creation of social events, recreational activities, planning, and more. Not only are you are advocates for your community’s needs, but you can also partner with neighbouring community associations on common concerns and initiatives.

In the meantime, stay up to date on the latest happenings on the community Facebook page.