A front garage showhome in Wolf Willow, southeast Calgary.

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Wolf Willow Home Owner Testimonial: Denise and George

On Morrison Homes’ 60th year anniversary, we highlight Denise and George—homeowners who recently moved into their front garage home in Wolf Willow.

Denise and George moved into a small condo as newlyweds and knew immediately they wanted to buy a house with a yard someday. After six years, the couple finally felt the time was right to make the move. They shared their journey to become homeowners in Wolf Willow.  

Planning the Move

Two people smile with their two dogs and an ultrasound photo.

As an active family with two pups and a baby boy on the way, outdoor space was on top of their must-have list. They regularly enjoy walks and hikes with their dogs and knew that having beautiful natural space nearby was essential. 

“We knew that we wanted to be somewhere close to nature, but to be this close felt almost too good to be true!”

Location was also a consideration for the pair. They were happy to be a little farther from the city center so long as they had easy access to the major highways. They knew they were interested in living in Wolf Willow as soon as they made the first turn into the community from 194th in south Calgary. They say, “We thought it would be out of our budget to move here, but we were thankfully able to make it happen.”

A dog stands by the Bow River in Wolf Willow at sunset.

Living in Wolf Willow

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The couple had an idea already of what style and size home they wanted, and they chose Morrison Homes to help them build it. They considered a townhome, laned home, or duplex, but eventually chose on “Heathrow”, the front garage style, sold on the large backyard and the flexibility of their connected garage space for storage or work.

“We have lived here for 7 months, and already everyone we meet is so friendly!”

They were also impressed with Morrison Homes’ ability to customize their build to achieve their vision. When talking with Denise and George about their home builder, Krista gets a special shout-out. They describe her as, “absolutely amazing, knowledgeable, patient and helpful.”

They now regularly enjoy walking through the treelined paths and parks nearby. In their previous home, they would drive over 30 minutes to Fish Creek Park to enjoy a walk or hike through the abundant natural spaces. Now they’re just a short stroll away and enjoy all the beauty of the area each and every day.

Looking to the Future

One other item on their wish list was to live in an up-and-coming community. Somewhere that would be vibrant and beautiful for years to come. They found exactly that energy in Wolf Willow. They say, “We knew that our family would soon be growing with a new little addition, so it was important for us to find somewhere that would be the best, enriching area to raise a child and grow our family. What better place to grow up then by the river, surrounded by nature to explore!”

“We are also very excited for the future school. Although not for a while, we will one day require a school to send our little boy!”  

They’re also looking forward to watching the community grow, with more pathways and playgrounds being established along with the school opening. More commercial space is exciting for the family too, and they can’t wait to see what kind of businesses open up in Wolf Willow Crossing in the near future. 

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If you’re looking for a home in Wolf Willow, check out Morrison Homes. Denise and George said about their decision to work with this home builder, “We had been to numerous show homes, talked to many different builders but we liked the options of home styles, packages, prices, flexibility that Morrison provided.”