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Wolf Willow as Told by Homeowners

Mike and Beverly DesRochesare the proud new homeowners of a Morrison Homes front-garage home in our community of Wolf Willow, Calgary. They were generous enough to share their home buying experience with the team.

About the Home

The DesRoches were looking for a new home in Calgary with a bit more square-footage and Morrison homes delivered. Of the home builders in Calgary, Morrison Homes was able to offer the increase in space they were looking for and help them get the most function out of their layout with customizable floor plans. The high quality showhome paired with excellent customer service helped them pin down exactly what they needed.

“Although we truly loved our existing home, we found that we wanted a bit more square footage, a new build and to be closer in proximity to the Bow River and Fish Creek Park walking/running trails.”

In addition to being front garage style, the DesRoches had a couple more must-haves for their new home. First of all, they wanted a new build that was well-constructed and energy efficient. Inside, they needed a gourmet kitchen with beautiful, unique granite countertops plus a fireplace for staying cozy through the long Calgary winters. Morrison Homes was able to check all the boxes for the home itself. Then the couple only had to find a Calgary community that fit with their lifestyle, which led them to Wolf Willow.

Two people stand in front of a newly built front garage home.
Mike and Beverly in front of their new home at Wolf Willow

About the Community

Proximity to walking and running trails was one of their top priorities when choosing their neighbourhood. Specifically, they were hoping for access to the trails along the Bow River near Fish Creek Park in south Calgary. Upon visiting Wolf Willow, Mike and Beverly found you can’t get much closer to their favourite path system.

“We made the official decision after walking along the trail system on a late fall day. . . The community fits with our lifestyle and we believe that we are getting very good value for our dollar by purchasing in this area.”

So, Morrison Homes and Wolf Willow filled all their wishes for their next home, but what about the future? The DesRoches enjoy being part of a growing community. The tree-lined promenade park with flowers and sitting areas already has “a wonderful community feel” according to the couple and will only grow into a more lush natural escape in the middle of the neighbourhood. They’re also planning to try fishing for the first time, to take advantage of the natural space just outside their front door.

“Come down and enjoy a walk and take a tour through the beautiful show homes. It won’t take you long to picture yourself as part of this community.”

Wolf Willow also gives the family the best of both worlds when it comes to shopping. Mike and Beverly knew they wanted a neighbourhood that was primarily residential without much commercial space, or the traffic that comes with it. With a space near the entrance to the community set aside for commercial activity they get to enjoy the convenience of nearby commerce without the disruptive side-effects of being too close. They express hope that a coffee shop will be installed in the neighbourhood’s designated commercial space, and imagine “heading out to the coffee shop, buying a latte and then heading down the promenade to walk along the trails by the Bow River.” Several other amenities are just a short drive away in nearby south Calgary communities.