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Transform Your Outdoor Space: Landscaping Ideas for Your New Home

One of the most exciting aspects of new home ownership is designing your space to reflect your individual style. Creating a beautiful backyard not only enhances the aesthetics of your property but also provides a functional space for relaxation and entertainment. Here are some landscaping ideas to help you transform your new home’s outdoor area into a stunning oasis this summer.

Landscaping is the design, alteration, and maintenance of a landscape. The possibilities are endless; however, time and a budget are not. Take a moment to reflect on your needs versus wants. Do you want a fire pit? A place for the kids to play? Did you save space for the dog?

Keep in mind landscaping can be as simple as laying grass sod and a stone walkway to begin and then adding to your space to suit your lifestyle over time with water features, a gazebo or pergola, plant beds, and trees. It is great to dream big – keep that vision board up!

pretty backyard garden with stone walkway, water feature, and plants

Mastering Your Curb Appeal

Understanding Architectural Controls

Architectural controls are an essential part of any community that outline the rules for designing houses. They aim to create neighbourhoods with visual appeal that are unique to each homeowner’s individuality. Homeowners are encouraged to express their creativity in various ways, including choosing colours, front door styles, and materials. Wolf Willow is a community that permits three different styles that adhere to the architectural controls. If you’re looking for backyard ideas or backyard patio inspiration, Wolf Willow certainly has some beautiful backyards that could inspire you!

But lucky for you! We’ve written an entire blog post about our Architectural Controls and how you can elevate your curb appeal!

Planning Your Backyard Layout

Assess Your Space

Before diving into specific backyard ideas, take a moment to assess your outdoor space. Consider the size, shape, and existing features of your backyard. This will help you determine what elements you can incorporate and how to maximize the available space.

Define Purpose and Functionality

Think about the primary purpose of your backyard. Do you want a space for relaxation, entertainment, gardening, or a combination of these? Defining the desired functionality of your backyard will guide your landscaping choices and help you create a cohesive design.

Create a Plan

Once you have assessed your space and defined its purpose, create a master plan outlining the layout of your backyard. This plan should include all the features you want to incorporate, such as a backyard patio, garden beds, and water features. A well-thought-out plan will ensure a smooth landscaping process and help you achieve your dream backyard.

backyard landscaping with patio furniture for entertaining

Finding Your Landscaping Style

Garden styles vary from Prairie, stone, or rock gardens, raised plant beds, vines and evergreens, French, cottage, or formal English – you name it, there is a style out there for you. Here are five styles of gardens that will thrive Calgary’s continental climate zone 3b to 4a.

For more information about planting a garden, check out our blog post: When to Start Planting Your Garden in Calgary.

Prairie Garden

Prairie gardens are a fan favourite given their casual cheerfulness and resilience in Alberta’s climate. Bright, beautiful flowers amidst flowy grasses will make your heart sing as you enjoy a well-earned morning coffee while you gaze upon your masterpiece. Tall dark purple Sage, from Spruce it Up Garden Centre, fuchsia Silene, and Primrose mixed with Flanders Poppy and Sweet William Catchfly, False Sunflowers and Prairie grasses.

Did you know: Spruce it Up Garden Centre is located just 8 minutes from Wolf Willow?

front yard landscaping in wolf willow with lots of prairie plants

Stone Garden

Loved for their low-maintenance and striking design, stone gardens are a popular choice for those seeking a modern, low-maintenance landscape. From flat-stone walkways lined with colourful pebble work to concrete pathways lined with shrubs, you will have a variety of patterns to explore as you develop your dreamy and zen low-maintenance space. You can usually find some beautiful options from Home Depot.

Ground covers & native plant grasses

Incorporate ground covering plants of the horizontal evergreen variety, prairie grasses or other native flowering plants. Add moisture-trapping mulch (which also limit weed growth) and you will find yourself with a delightful and charming space.

We found some of our favourites from Walmart!

front yard landscaping with lots of rocks, mulch, and grasses

Incorporate Water Features

A pond can attract wildlife and create a serene atmosphere. Choose a location that receives ample sunlight and consider adding fish and aquatic plants for a lively ecosystem.

Add a Waterfall or Fountain

Waterfalls and fountains can serve as focal points and provide soothing background noise. They can be easily integrated into existing garden beds or patios.

Create a Cozy Fire Pit Area 

A fire pit is a perfect addition to your backyard for cool evenings and gatherings with friends. When designing your fire pit space select a flat, level area away from trees, structures, and flammable materials. Check local regulations for fire pit safety requirements.

It’s also important to consider your design. Choose a fire pit that matches your backyard’s style and size. Options include wood-burning, propane, or natural gas fire pits. Arrange seating around the fire pit, such as built-in benches, chairs, or even large cushions for a casual vibe.

patio furniture situated around a fire pit

Designing your own beautiful yard in South Calgary is an exciting and rewarding process. By assessing your space, defining its purpose, and exploring various landscaping ideas, you can create a stunning oasis that reflects your individual style and meets your needs. Don’t forget to consider the local climate and available resources, such as nearby garden centers and home improvement stores. With careful planning and a touch of creativity, you can transform your new home’s outdoor area into a sanctuary that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

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