A grandpa and his grandson riding their bikes through Fish Creek Park.

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Bike to These Beautiful Destinations in Fish Creek Park from Wolf Willow

One of the best parts about living in Wolf Willow is the easy access to Calgary’s nature reserve, Fish Creek Provincial Park. As one of the largest urban parks in North America, Fish Creek Park spans over 13.5 square kilometers and offers a wide range of outdoor activities and natural beauty to take in. We’ve previously covered the day use areas within walking distance of Wolf Willow, but we can’t forget about the other half of the park! Though they are further away from the community, they make great destinations if you’re looking to go on an outdoor adventure. So grab your bike, roller blades, longboard, or scooter and check out these must visit locations on the northern side of Fish Creek Park—and don’t forget to top and smell the wildflowers along the way. 


Glennfield is popular day use area for private events. There are two Group Use Areas, Blackbird and Aspen, that require a reservation and fee. The third Group Use Area, Crocus, is a public space that operates on a first-come first-serve basis. 

Glennfield is a mix of open, grassy fields as well as wooded areas, making it perfect for activities like picnics, group sports, flying kits, or observing wildlife. There are also plenty of walking and biking trails that wind through this area of the park, so you can explore the natural surroundings in the park’s serene atmosphere. 

There are fire pits, flush toilets, tap water, picnic tables, and parking lots available on site. 

Glennfield is a 30 minute bike ride from Wolf Willow. 

The Blackbird Group Use building at the Glennfield Day Use Area.

Votier’s Flats 

Named after one of the early settlers in the area, George Votier, Votier’s Flats is another popular picnic area thanks to its large, open spaces. There are plenty of picnic tables and barbeque pits here, making it ideal for outdoor gatherings with family and friends. 

This area is also adjacent to Fish Creek, making it a great spot for fishing or exploring along the creek’s shoreline. 

There are also several pathways and trails in the area, which are suitable for all fitness levels. 

Voiter’s Flats is a 37 minute bike ride from Wolf Willow.

A trail in Fish Creek Park, lined with golden trees during autumn.

Bebo Grove 

Bebo Grove is a popular area along the banks of Fish Creek, which winds its way through the park. This day use area is very serene and picturesque, thanks to its lush greenery, mature white spruce trees, and extremely peaceful area. From the moment you hit the trails, Bebo Grove feels like a tranquil escape from city life to relax and enjoy nature. It really feels like it’s a world away from Calgary. 

Between the trees are well-maintained trails that are great for biking, walking, jogging, or a leisurely stroll. There are also picnic areas near the river with tables, benches, and fire pits, making it a great place to spend the afternoon outdoors. 

Many wildlife species call Bebo Grove home including deer, beavers, coyotes, and a diverse range of birds, so be sure to bring your camera with you! 

Bebo Grove is a 45 minute bike ride from Wolf Willow. 

Fish Creek shoreline in Bebo Grove.

Marshall Springs 

Marshall Springs is a small wetland area situated in the western section of Fish Creek Park. It is named after the Marshall family, who were early settlers in the region. Marshall Springs offers a unique ecosystem within the park, with its marshy areas and ponds providing a habitat for a variety of plants and wildlife species. This area is popular among birdwatchers, as it attracts a diverse range of bird species throughout the year. Visitors can explore the wetland on foot via the designated pathways and enjoy the tranquility of this natural oasis. 

Marshall Springs is a 52 minute bike ride away from Wolf Willow. 

Interested in bird watching? 180 species have been observed in Marshall Springs! You can check out the whole sighting list here.

Three ducks diving in Fish Creek Park.

Shannon Terrace 

Located on the western edge of Fish Creek Park, Shannon Terrace offers stunning views of Fish Creek and the surrounding landscape. This is a great location for bird watching and other wildlife observation, due to the wide open spaces and rolling hills that make Shannon Terrace so scenic. It’s a popular spot for picnics, nature walks, and generally enjoying the scenery.  

It’s the furthest day use area away from Wolf Willow, coming in at a 52 minute bike ride.

A woman wearing sunglasses riding a mountain bike in Fish Creek Park.

While these parks aren’t part of Fish Creek Park, they are still great destinations in southeast Calgary you can bike to from the community. Plus, you can take in beautiful views of the Bow River from the bike path as you get outside for some fresh air and exercise!

Honorary Mentions Along the Bow River

Sue Higgins Park  

Spanning 62 hectares, Sue Higgins Park is the largest fenced off leash dog area in Calgary. But you don’t have to be a dog owner to appreciate this park! There are plenty of picnic tables, pathways, and hiking trails in the area to explore. Sue Higgins is adjacent to the Bow River and has plenty of marshy areas, which also make it a great area for birdwatching. 

Sue Higgins Park is a 45 minute bike ride from Wolf Willow.

Carburn Park 

Located next to Sue Higgins Park, Carburn Park spans over over 135 hectares and has a picturesque landscape. Nature lovers love this location due to its serene lake and lagoon. If you’re looking for a tranquil escape to immerse yourself in nature’s beauty, this park is it! Take a leisurely walk along the park’s pathways, have a peaceful picnic, go fishing or canoeing in the water (no swimming, please), or simply enjoy the diverse wildlife, wildflowers, and waterfowl in the area. With its enchanting surroundings and recreational opportunities, Carburn Park is a beloved destination in Calgary’s southeast. 

Carburn Park is a 46 minute bike ride from Wolf Willow.

A group of ducks standing on rocks near a shorline.

Own a Home Near Fish Creek Park 

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