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Happy Romantic Outdoor Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

The most romantic time of year is coming up, and there are lots of ways to celebrate with your loved ones other than the traditional fancy dinner in a nice restaurant. We’ve collected some fun ideas for romantic outdoor dates (and some inside ones in case the weather becomes too chilly).

Go for a Walk Along the River 

What’s more romantic than a walk along a peaceful winter river under the stars? With extensive paved pathways throughout the city, much of which are along the Bow and Elbow Rivers, Calgary is lucky to have so many ways to enjoy the outdoors year-round.

Romantic walk outside Wolf Willow

These paths follow the river near Wolf Willow, so you can take in the beautiful Wolf Willow nature with someone you love this Valentine’s Day.

Afterward, warm up with a hot chocolate from any of the participating YYC Hot Chocolate Fest locations. This year, dozens of local cafes, restaurants, and chocolatiers have whipped up their own unique hot chocolate offerings. You can vote for your favourite online, and $1 – $2 from each beverage supports Calgary Meals on Wheels.  

Enjoy Ice Skating  

Ice skating is a classic winter activity. Whether you’re skating under the twinkling lights of downtown at Olympic Plaza or enjoying the natural scenes of Carburn Park, skating outside is always a sweet way to spend this winter holiday with your favourite person. Even if you’re skating skills aren’t the sharpest, you have a great excuse to hold hands with your love. 

Romantic ice skate Wolf Willow

You can find a complete list of outdoor skating rinks operated by the City of Calgary here.  

Have a Backyard Bonfire 

Grab the marshmallows! Bonfires aren’t just for summer—they’re a great way to get some fresh air and stay warm outdoors throughout the winter too. They’re also a lovely setting for snuggling up with your beau on a crisp Valentine’s Day in Calgary.  

Backyard fire Wolf Willow

If you don’t have the space or setup for a bonfire in the yard, you can also have a winter bonfire in Fishcreek Park. Public fire spaces are available for free on a first-come basis, you just have to bring your own firewood and enough water to put out the fire completely when you’re done. The Shannon Terrace and Hulls Wood day use areas are popular spaces with fire pits, and you can find a complete list of day use facilities online. 

Build a Snowman Together  

Another great way to spend some special one-on-one time with your partner is to make something together. For a special outdoor date idea in winter, try building a snowman together.

Snowman Wolf Willow community

You can make it big or small, make one snowman or several, or dress them up in a hat and scarf. You can even make it into a competition: you and your partner can make snow versions of each other and the best representation wins! This timeless winter activity isn’t just for kids—if you’re having fun, it’s a date.  

Candlelit Takeout Meal 

Sometimes, it’s just too cold to be outside. If you’re planning on spending your Valentine’s Day in a stylish outfit and not in a snowsuit, there are still lots of ways to enjoy the holiday from the comfort of home.  

One of the easiest (and yummiest) ways to celebrate is ordering your favourite meal from a local restaurant. Lots of couples have a go-to restaurant for fancy dates, and this year, there’s no reason to break tradition. With so many restaurants offering delivery or curbside pickup, you can support local businesses and enjoy a tasty meal with just you and your partner. 

Dinner take out Wolf Willow

Some restaurants even have special Valentine’s Day exclusive meals available, like Bow Valley Ranche. Once you have your food, light some candles or put some flowers in a vase to create a dreamy setting worthy of the most romantic day of the year. 

Watch a Romantic Movie 

Stay in movie watching

If all you want for Valentine’s Day is a low-key way to hang-out with your person, you can’t go wrong with a movie. Enjoy a brand new, award-winning film or throw on a classic rom-com—a cozy evening on the couch with some popcorn is a fail-safe plan for almost any couple. Sweeten the deal with a box of chocolates and you’ll have an evening to remember. 

Don’t forget ❤️

The most important part of any holiday, and Valentine’s Day in particular, is enjoying the company of your loved ones. Whether you choose to go all out with extravagant plans or stay home and enjoy a quiet night in, there are options for every kind of couple in Calgary.