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New Wolf Willow Community Updates for Fall 2022

After a busy first half of the year in Wolf Willow, we’re excited to share some new updates on what’s next for the community in fall 2022 and beyond.

New Show Home Parade and Community Development

Over the summer, construction really picked up on the west side of Wolf Willow. The new show home parade recently opened, bringing with it new lots that are currently available for purchase. These lots border the dog park, so it’s the perfect location for dog owners or enthusiasts that want to live within walking distance of the park.

Head on over to Wolf Creek Ave SE and Wolf Creek Rise SE to see new laned, duplex, and front garage show homes by:

Both Alliston at Home (formerly Madison Avenue Group) and LOOK Master Builder will be keeping their current show home locations.

new show home parade in wolf willow

Construction on New Phases Coming Soon

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the upcoming housing area near Fish Creek Park, you’ll be happy to hear new lots will be available soon. Phase 4, located next to the current pathway into the park, is the next phase to begin construction. Grading of the land has recently finished, and the installation of underground services will be starting in October. It’s expected that surface construction will be completed in early December. Once it’s finished, the builders will be able to start construction on their designated lots.

If you want to live as close as possible to Fish Creek Park in Wolf Willow, this is the area for you! This will be the first area in the community to include river backing lots, and an additional access point to Fish Creek Park pathway will be added.

map of wolf willow with the new areas of construction indicated with circles and labels

In addition, this phase will include a WestCreek Homes multi-family site. Products available will include laned starter homes, duplexes, and townhomes. Each of these homes will back onto a designated shared green space.

The order of the next phases to be completed will be 4 and 6 simultaneously, followed by 8, and then 9. You can check out the lot map here to see where each of the upcoming phases are located within the community.

New Major Road Construction

Looking ahead to 2023, there will be a new, central road leading in and out of the community. The construction of 210th Ave will provide additional ease and access to the community by connecting Legacy to Wolf Willow.

Phase 8 will begin construction after the road has been completed.

Commercial Development

The exterior construction of the commercial development is nearly complete, with paving starting in October. The 40,000 square-foot retail centre will be home to various shops, restaurants, healthcare offices, and more. Here are some of the businesses set to open soon in Wolf Willow Crossing:

We’re also happy to announce the latest business to join is Studio 17 Dance Company! They offer competitive and recreational dance programs for students aged 2 – 18. Their competitive dance program features Weekly Workshops, where the dancers will have the chance to work with different guest teachers each week.

Studio 17 Dance Company is currently slated to open in Fall 2022/Early 2023. In the meantime, they are currently running classes out of an interim space until their studio in Wolf Willow is completed. If you’re interested in learning more about Studio 17, or if you’re interested in signing your kids up for dance classes, you can visit their website here.

construction progress on the commercial development area in wolf willow

And Finally….the Highly Anticipated Dog Park

We know how excited everyone is for the upcoming dog park – we promise we’re just as anxious for it to open! That’s why we’re so excited to announce that the dog park has been approved! Construction has officially kicked-off, and we are currently grading the area. We are anticipating opening in early spring 2023.

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