Two people bike through Fish Creek Park in autumn.

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What to Wear to Fish Creek Park as the Weather Gets Colder

Good news – just because the weather is getting colder in Calgary doesn’t mean you have to stay inside. With the right gear, you can continue to enjoy the walking paths and trails in and around Wolf Willow all year long!

paved walkway in mallard pointe in fish creek park alberta
Mallard Point in Fish Creek Park

Keep your limbs warm

The most important rule when spending time out in the cold is to keep your limbs warm.

During crisp autumn mornings and evenings, don’t be afraid to reach for a pair of thin gloves to protect your hands from the chill air. If you need a little extra warmth while walking your pups, slip a pair of hand warmers into your gloves or pockets or try a heating belt. Hothands are a great single-use option that keeps you warm for up to 10 hours. Or check out HotSnapz, hand warmers that give off heat for 1-2 hours but are reusable! And don’t forget a headband or a toque to shield your ears from the cold wind.

Layers, layers, layers

Wearing layers is essential to staying both warm and comfortable, whether you’re biking the trails in Fish Creek Park, running through the neighbourhood, or taking your pup out for their daily stroll on the walking paths. Wearing thin layers will allow you to shed your outer layers as needed so you don’t overheat.

Inner layer

Your innermost layer should be a close-fitting fabric that wicks moisture away. There is nothing worse than being both cold AND sweaty. This will help you keep your core warm without overheating. Look for knit fabrics or merino wool, or some other synthetic fabric to help insulate your body heat. Our opinion? It’s never too early to wear long underwear when the weather starts to turn!

people crossing the sue higgins pedestrian bridge in fish creek park
Sue Higgins Pedestrian Bridge

Middle layer

For those frigid -20° days, don’t forget to add in a middle layer! This is where your fleece jackets or sweaters will be most effective. For our cyclists, you could consider a pair of leg warmers to keep your legs warm as you peddle. Extra points if they have reflective strips to help with visibility as the days get shorter and the nights longer.

Outer layer

Choose an outer layer that is breathable, waterproof, and offers wind resistance. Even though Calgary is a dry city, we still get plenty of snow. A waterproof (or water-resistant) outer layer will ensure your inner layers stay dry, which will keep you warmer. If you’re cycling, you’ll appreciate having a wind-resistant layer to stave off the biting wind, especially near Wolf Willow where the trails aren’t as guarded against the wind by trees.

Invest in the pieces that matter most

Perhaps the most important advice we can give you is to invest in the pieces that matter most – your jacket and boots. While you might not need a heavy jacket while jogging through Fish Creek Park, you’ll appreciate it while doing less cardio-heavy activities. And as lovely as fashion boots are, they won’t protect your toes from the cold – or prevent you from slipping on the ice! Look for fleece-lined boots with thick textured soles. If you like wearing thick, woolly socks, size your boots up slightly to prevent restricting your blood flow.

close up of a hiker's boots overlooking the landscape

Where to buy winter gear near Wolf Willow

The chilly weather lasts at least 6 months in Calgary, so you need to buy higher quality jackets and boots that will last you through the season and the years to come. There are plenty of stores near Wolf Willow for you to purchase all the gear you need for the upcoming cold season!

The Shawnessy Shopping Centre is a short drive away from Wolf Willow which has plenty of stores to search for the gear you need, including Winners, Sport Chek, Marks, Play It Again Sports, the Shoe Company, and Walmart.

The Township Shopping Centre in Legacy is just a 5 minute drive from Wolf Willow, which has Winners and Buy Buy Baby for your clothing needs. Be sure to keep an eye on Township’s Facebook and Instagram to see which retailers are coming in the future!

There are also plenty of thrift or consignment stores near Wolf Willow to purchase used clothing. Value Village is nearby on Midpark Way, or if you want to drive a bit further, Plato’s Closet is just off Southland Dr.