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Fall DIY Décor Inspired by Fish Creek Park

When the seasons change outside, switching up your décor inside your home will keep it feeling fresh! Now that the leaves are changing colours and there’s a chill in the morning air, it’s time to put away your summery linens and bright florals, and instead bring out the cozy fall décor! With Wolf Willow being just steps away from the beautiful Fish Creek Park, we pulled some fun DIY décor ideas inspired by the nature reserve to decorate your new home.

Preserve Colorful Fall Leaves

One of the best parts about autumn is watching the leaves change from their bright, summery greens to warm shades of yellow, orange, and red. As we all know from living in Calgary, the leaves don’t stick around long once they begin to change! You can enjoy gorgeous fall leaves even longer by preserving them in wax. According to The Home Steady, you can do this by dipping the leaves in beeswax or iron them between wax paper. Or, you can simply make rubbings on construction paper, which is a great activity for younger kids! Next time you’re on a walk in Fish Creek Park, be on the lookout for any beautiful leaves to preserve.

preserved autumn leaves on a string
Photo credit: The Home Steady

Make a Dried Flower Wreath

If you aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to the summery florals on your porch or garden, or maybe you have a bouquet from a summer wedding you’d like to keep, consider repurposing them into a dried flower wreath! You’ll need to choose flowers that are still holding up – if your flowers are starting to fall apart, then you won’t be able to use those. If you need some more florals, greenery, or embellishments for your wreath, you can go foraging outside or to your nearest craft store.

The best types of frames to use for your wreaths are:

  • Wire wreath frame
  • Bamboo wreath hoop
  • Grapevine wreath

Home Garden and Homestead has a great tutorial that walks you through the whole wreath-making process.

dried floral wreath
Photo credit: Home Garden and Homestead

Decorate your Home with Pinecones

Looking for some holiday home décor that works for both autumn and winter? Pinecones are a cute and thrifty option that can be utilized in many ways due to their varying shapes and sizes. You can make wreaths, garlands, put them in decorative bowls or baskets, use in centrepieces with candles, paint/add glitter to them, etc! If you collect your pinecones from Fish Creek Park or anywhere else outdoors, many crafters online recommend cleaning and baking first so they are free of dirt and unwanted pests.

Dishfunctional Designs has tons of ideas for crafting with pinecones, with many of them being great activities to do with the whole family or for beginner crafters! And if you’re inspired to make a pinecone wreath to go with your dried flower wreath, check out this easy tutorial by Country Living.

glass vase filled with pinecones and fairy lights
Photo credit: To Simply Inspire

Decorate with Pumpkins

We can’t forget about pumpkins! One of the most popular décor options for fall, you’ll find pumpkins in every shape and size and color wherever you look. While you can never go wrong with a good carved pumpkin (don’t forget to enter our Howlloween contest in Wolf Willow!), you can do even more with this versatile squash.

Drilled Pumpkin with Lights

While this tutorial from Dream a Little Bigger uses a fake pumpkin, we think a real one could also work. All you need is a drill, some drill bits, and a big light to put inside your pumpkin. This drilled pumpkin is a cute and easy alternative to your traditionally carved pumpkins and would look great on your porch or in your home.

fall and pumpkin themed decor on a blue shelf
Photo credit: Dream a Little Bigger

Hanging Pumpkin Planter

This easy tutorial for a Hanging Pumpkin Planter from Club Crafted also uses a fake pumpkin, which you can get from any craft store or order online. For this adorable planter, you’ll need a utility knife, power drill or Dremel tool, and some rope. Find some lightweight fake plants, and voila! You have a cozy new hanging planter that would look amazing in any living room.

hanging planter made from an artificial pumpking
Photo credit: Club Crafted

Pumpkin Succulent Planters

Whether you’re just getting into indoor plants or are already a seasoned plant parent, these pumpkin succulent planters from Maison de Pax are a festive way to switch up your plant’s pots for the autumn season. Plus, they’re a great excuse to add a few more succulents to your home (as if you needed another excuse to get more).

two succulent planters in the shape of white pumpkins
Photo credit: Maison de Pax

Halloween Décor

With Halloween just around the corner, we gathered up a few options that are perfect for the spookiest season.

Staircase Bats

This project is another fun one you can do with the family. While you’re cleaning up your yard this autumn or walking through Fish Creek, turn it into a game and look for some sturdy sticks of varying lengths. When you get home, cut paper bats out of construction paper (there are lots of free patterns online) and glue the bats to your sticks. Then you can tie the sticks to your staircase using twine for a natural look or use fishing line to make them look like they’re magically floating.

a staircase decorated with twigs, black paper bats and pumpkins
Photo credit: Good Housekeeping

Magic Potion Bottles

These cute and family-friendly magic potion bottles from For the Love of Food are a great Halloween décor option! Plus, you can upcycle old spice containers, liquor bottles, or other glass jars waiting to be recycled. Once you’ve cleaned out your containers, all you need is baby oil, food colouring, fine glitter, and water. If you want to go all out, you can give your potions spooky names and create label stickers to go on the bottles, seal them with wax, or add decorative elements like string.

diy homemade potion bottles with spooky themed labels
Photo credit: For the Love of Food

Craft or Décor Stores Near Wolf Willow

Now that you’re bursting with inspiration to decorate your home for fall, here are some stores you can visit near Wolf Willow for all your DIY projects or fall décor needs. Not the crafting type? Don’t worry, there are plenty of shops nearby that carry ready-to-display options!

Legacy Township

Legacy Township is one of the closest shopping centres to Wolf Willow. Here you’ll find many businesses, including restaurants, general shopping, health/beauty, grocery stores, fitness, pet stores, and more. Head on over to Dollarama, Winners, or Bed, Bath, and Beyond for all your Fall Décor needs.


After a quick drive via Stoney Trail, you’ll reach the Shawnessy shopping centre. Here you’ll find more stores to help you DIY some fun fall projects. In addition to another Winners, Shawnessy has a Michaels craft store and a Walmart.