The front counter at Crystie's Coffee House and Bistro.

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Crystie’s Coffee House and Bistro One-Year Anniversary: Brewing Community in Wolf Willow

In the heart of Wolf Willow in South Calgary, Crystie’s Coffee House and Bistro has been brewing more than just great coffee and homemade treats for the past year—it’s been cultivating a sense of community. As they celebrate their one-year anniversary, we delve into the story behind Crystie’s journey and how she came to live her dream in the bustling neighborhood of Wolf Willow.

Join us as we explore the challenges, triumphs, and future aspirations of Crystie’s Coffee House and Bistro, and hear firsthand from Crystie herself about the memorable moments that have made this first year truly special.

Crystie and her family smiling around a cake in the coffee house.

What inspired you to initially get started in the foodservice industry, and what has kept you passionate about it?

Crystie started in the industry 24 years ago at what is now “The Calgary Farmers Market.” She began learning about produce, exploring different flavours, and discovering how to pair ingredients to create delicious recipes. She fell in love with it—it was exciting, fun, and ignited her passion for food. Over the years, her curiosity expanded, driving her to learn more about every aspect of the culinary world. For Crystie, there has never been a dull moment in these 24 years, and she continues to find joy in creating and experiencing diverse foods.

“Food should be an experience. I want everyone to have a wonderful experience every time they come into Crystie’s Coffee House and Bistro.”

What made you choose Wolf Willow as the home for your dream coffee house and bistro?

Wolf Willow is a vibrant, gorgeous, up-and-coming neighbourhood that feels like a small town, where people and the community are united and look out for one another. Crystie’s love for the South inspired her to bring great coffee and homemade treats to the best community in Calgary. 

A big working table at Crystie's Coffee.

What specific qualities and features of your coffee house do you believe embody the idea of providing ‘comfort in a cup’?

When Crystie first decided to be a part of this industry, she was visiting a café where she observed a lady grab her cup of coffee, lift the lid, close her eyes, and inhale deeply, while a serene smile spread across her face. In that moment, Crystie knew she wanted to share that feeling of comfort and happiness with others. At Crystie’s, the team takes pride in delivering an all-around exceptional experience to Wolf Willow every day. Crystie’s Coffee House and Bistro offers a warm, cozy environment—a place where everyone can chat with friends, eat with family, or work the day away. They are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and making you feel at home with homemade syrups, treats, and delicious coffee and specialty drinks.

Homemade baked goods and treats on display at Crystie's Coffee.

What has been the most significant challenge you encountered while turning your dream of owning a coffee house into reality?

For Crystie, balancing the bistro while also being a full-time mom to small kids is the biggest challenge. She wants to make sure her dreams turn into a reality, but not at the expense of her family or raising her children.

Are there any upcoming summer plans or activities that we should watch out for?

To kick off the spring and summer seasons, Crystie’s has launched some seasonal syrups. They hope to enhance their dog-friendly patio, creating a place for everyone to enjoy on those beautiful summer days. If all goes well, she plans to add more exceptional tasty treats and food items to the menu. Stay tuned for more surprises.

Two hands cheersing pink and purple seasonal iced drinks at Crystie's Coffee.

Looking ahead, what are your future plans and aspirations for Crystie’s Coffee House and Bistro?

Crystie and her team are constantly dreaming of big plans and expansions for Crystie’s Coffee House and Bistro. While nothing has been solidified yet, they hope to present more to the south communities of Calgary in the years to come.

Do you have any memorable moments or highlights you’d like to share from your first year?

“We love Wolf Willow. Since the moment we opened our doors this community and surrounding area have been incredibly supportive.”

With kind words from customers to becoming friends with regulars, they have come to know what Wolf Willow enjoys. Watching children grow, hearing about customers’ life stories, and seeing the dogs from the nearby dog park, Woof Willow, enjoy a puppy parfait on the patio are some of Crystie’s favourite moments over the last year. She feels a strong sense of community within the Bistro and hopes to grow that even more. 

Tea in a to-go cup, sitting on a "Crystie's Coffee" branded board.

Celebrating their first-year anniversary was a very nostalgic moment for Crystie’s family. Their dreams of a cozy coffee shop with fantastic coffee and homemade treats are coming true. They want to thank everyone from the bottom of their hearts for supporting their small family-owned business. Their success is all thanks to the amazing community of Wolf Willow.