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Choosing Your Perfect Home in Wolf Willow: Laned Homes

If you’re looking to buy a house in Calgary, you’ll need to answer two questions early on: which community do you want to live in and what style of home will suit your lifestyle? Once you’ve found your perfect community to settle down in (Wolf Willow), it’s time to choose your home model and homebuilder.

We’ll cover laned homes more in-depth in this blog, but first, let’s do a quick run-down of all your choices in this south Calgary community.

Which home styles are available in Wolf Willow?

Wolf Willow currently has 9 builder partners with 5 home models to choose from: condo, townhomes, duplexes, laned, and front garage.

promenade park in wolf willow


A condominium, or a “condo” as they’re more often referred to, is a unit built within a community of units. While your unit is private, sometimes there will be common shared spaces within the building that all residents have access to, such as a pool, green space, event room, gym, etc. These are typically single-story living with 1 or 2 bedrooms, so condos are perfect for buyers looking for a smaller space, no stairs, or no yard maintenance.

Wolf Willow has 2 condo builders: Cove Properties and Truman Homes.


Townhomes are multi-storey homes that share side walls with their neighbouring units on either one or two sides. These are a great option for buyers who want their own private entrances with a small amount of green space to maintain, typically either in front of or behind their property.

Wolf Willow has 3 townhouse builders: alliston at home, Look Master Builder, and WestCreek Homes.


Duplexes are like townhomes, as they are also multi-level homes that share a wall with another unit and have private entrances. Duplexes are typically larger than townhomes, and they only share a wall with one other unit. Both homes in a duplex can be owned independently or together as one unit.

There are 2 duplex builders in Wolf Willow: Shane Homes and WestCreek Homes.

Front Garage

Front garage homes are detached, single family homes that have the garage and driveway in front of your home. This is a great option for buyers who want direct access from the garage into their home. Front garage homes also have spacious rooms with plenty of storage space, which is perfect for big families that want room to explore their interests, especially in such an active outdoor community like Wolf Willow!

Wolf Willow has 4 front garage builders: Jayman BUILT, Morrison Homes, Trico Homes, and WestCreek Homes.

rendering of the mckenzie model home by trico
The McKenzie by Trico Homes

Why Laned Homes?

And finally, the feature of our blog today, laned homes! These detached, single-family homes typically come with an option to build a detached garage behind the house. Laned homes are the more affordable option for  growing families looking for their starter home, that need more space and privacy than a duplex . They have great curb appeal, featuring the front porch rather than a garage, and they come with a more private backyard than a duplex or townhome.

There are 3 laned home builders in Wolf Willow: Jayman BUILT, Morrison Homes, and Trico Homes. We’ll go a bit more into detail on each of these builders and the home styles they offer.

Jayman BUILT Laned Homes

During the last 40 years, Jayman BUILT has helped nearly 30,000 people find their home. This 21-time “Builder of the Year” award winner is also Wolf Willow’s certified green builder. If you’re looking for a home where green is the standard build, not optional, look no further! With Jayman, you’ll be treating your family to a luxurious home near the Bow River, where purposeful innovation is woven into the design and function of every home they build.

If you’re interested in owning a Jayman BUILT laned home, they have 5 models to choose from, starting from the $495,000s. You can take a virtual tour of each home by clicking the links below:

To learn more about Jayman BUILT’s laned homes, stop by their showhomes at 102 & 106 Wolf Creek Rise SE.

kitchen in a jayman built brooklyn home with white cabinets, marble countertops, and black accents

Laned Homes by Morrison Homes

Morrison Homes has been helping shape Calgary for more than 60 years, earning the title Builder of the Year 15 times, as well as winning multiple Customer Choice Awards. When you buy a laned home with Morrison Homes, each model is thoughtfully planned and offers something unique to meet your needs, whether you’re a fan of cozy movie nights in or exploring the nearby Fish Creek Park.

With 9 models of laned homes to choose from, there’s something for everyone. Most of these are 3 beds, 2.5 bath homes, and they range in sq ft from 1,338 sq ft to 1,755 sq ft. Alternatively, the Solaris is a beautiful 1 bed 1.5 bath home, perfect for buyers who are interested in a smaller living space and want a private backyard.

Check out virtual tours of each home model by clicking the links below:

Want to see Morrison’s laned homes in person? Stop by their show homes at 118 and 122 Wolf Creek Rise SE.

kitchen in the morrison arista home with dark wood, stainless steel appliances, and a blue accent wall

Trico Homes Laned Home Models

Since 1992, Trico Homes has built over 10,000 quality homes in Calgary. Trico understands that it’s about more than just buying a house, it’s about building a home. They bring passion, collaboration, and innovative thinking to continually improve their homes. When you build a laned home with Trico, you’ll be offered a home where spaciousness, privacy, and affordability meet, with plenty of customizable layouts to accent your lifestyle.

Trico Homes has 7 models of laned homes available, starting from the low $500,000s. They are all 3 beds, 2.5 bath homes, and they range in sq ft from 1,460 sq ft to 1,802 sq ft. Click the links below to see either a video walkthrough or floorplan of each home.

If you’re curious about Trico laned homes, stop by their show homes at 110 and 114 Wolf Creek Rise SE.

cozy living room in the trico rowan home with a white and grey color scheme

Live Near the Wolf Willow Dog Park

Ready to make the move to Wolf Willow? Be sure to check out our interactive lot map to see which lots are currently available for purchase. The upcoming release of new laned home lots will be near the highly anticipated dog park in phase 6, which is set to open next year in spring 2023!

Or if you’re ready to move to Wolf Willow right away, you can check out the available Quick Possession listings here. There are a few laned homes available for quick possession from Trico and Jayman – (just filter in the homestyle to “Laned Home” to see which are currently available.)

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