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Wolf Willow Home Owner Testimonial: Denise and George

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On Morrison Homes’ 60th year anniversary, we highlight Denise and George—homeowners who recently moved into their front garage home in Wolf Willow. Denise and George moved into a small condo as newlyweds and knew immediately they wanted to buy a house with a yard someday. After six years, the couple finally felt the time was right […]

Wolf Willow Madison Avenue

Wolf Willow Homeowner Testimonial: Patricia’s Townhome

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Local Wolf Willow homeowner Patricia was generous enough to share her homebuying journey with us. Patricia visited a Madison Avenue Group show home in Wolf Willow and fell in love. Looking to downsize, this home wasn’t just the perfect size, but it also included fencing, an attached garage, and landscaping all within her budget. Plus, learning that there were no condo fees was the cherry […]

Look Master Builder Wolf Willow


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We strive to work with the top homebuilders in Calgary to ensure that Wolf Willow is a south Calgary community that inspires the pursuit of a life worth living. Recently we welcomed a new home builder to the Wolf Willow community. Stepper Homes has been recognized and respected in Alberta since 1956. More recently, in […]

Wolf Willow as Told by Homeowners

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Mike and Beverly DesRochesare the proud new homeowners of a Morrison Homes front-garage home in our community of Wolf Willow, Calgary. They were generous enough to share their home buying experience with the team. About the Home The DesRoches were looking for a new home in Calgary with a bit more square-footage and Morrison homes […]