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Happy Thanksgiving

A message from WestCreek Developments

To our valued community members,

Thanksgiving is all about showing gratitude for our good fortune. This is why we would like to express our everlasting gratitude to all of our WestCreek community members of the last 20 years.

We are grateful.

The land we build on

We are grateful for the land we build on. We strive to acknowledge that in all of our WestCreek communities, we live, work, play and build on the traditional territories of the Blackfoot Confederacy. We are happy to have our homes in the Treaty 7 territory and we want to continue being stewards of the land. We know sustainability and preservation of the natural environment is important. We will continue to consider preservation of the natural landscape in all of our decision making.

Our partners

We are grateful for our partners. Our partnerships help to shape everything we develop. We aim to treat all of the partners we work with as though they’re part of the WestCreek family. We are confident that our partners and offerings will make our communities successful. We will continue to provide our partners with mutual investment in everything we do.

Our homeowners

Finally, we are grateful to all of our homeowners. We promise to provide you with homes and communities that make it easier to live more fulfilling lives. Without our valued homeowners, WestCreek would not exist. We want to thank you for keeping our communities vibrant today, tomorrow and decades from now.

Thanksgiving will look slightly different this year, but we want to acknowledge everyone involved with WestCreek Developments at the outset. Since 1997, we completed a number of stunning communities including Amber Woods, Aspen Stone, Evercreek Bluffs, Evergreen Grove, Everridge, Saddlecrest, Simcrest, Timberline and WestCreek-Chestermere. We are proud of our three current communities of Cornerbrook, Legacy and Wolf Willow and are excited to see them continue to flourish in the coming year. And we are very excited about the future communities of WestCreek-Strathmore and Bridgeport.

To all of our community members. We are grateful.